Mittwoch, 26. September 2012

jae,Men With Locs

Age: 25
From: Philadelphia
What made you decide to loc your hair?
“I got tired of the braids…you know the cornrow era I actually wanted to do something different besides getting my hair cut. It was a new experience and I wanted to try a new look.”
How long have you had your locs?
“About 3 and a half going on 4 years….”
Where do you go for your loc maintenance?
“Well I got 2 personal people that I use, but unfortunately I had to learn it on my own it started to get real expensive..”
What is your favorite product to use in your locs?
“Organic Root Stimulator” 
Any tips for guys thinking about locing their hair?
“Keep it clean, stay consistent wit it and you gotta be patient cause its not gonna happen overnight unless you buy the extensions..(laughs)”
What would you call your style?
“I’m more so a fitted guy, tshirt, tank top kinda laid back. I also have a side where I like to get dressed up. Wear a button down roll the sleeves up nice pair of slacks nice shoes you know something business style….”
What is your favorite fashion trend?
“V necks. They have been my ultimate thing right now.
Who are your style influences?
“Old school Kanye and Pharell”
What is 1 thing every man should have in their closet?
“A nice button up”

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