Sonntag, 28. Juli 2013

Natural State of Mind

Turning the dream into reality
understanding that natural is a state of mind
knowing who I am mentally
Emotionially aware that
it is more than just the way I style my hair
knowing that when they inform me that I need a relaxer
Slavery ended years ago
I am no longer controlled by the master
Why sit at the back of the bus
I am the driver of my dreams
singing "We shall overcome"
ignorance, hatred, stupidity and other harmful and evil things
no longer using old raggedy textbooks handed down by others
Add author to my list along with wife, sister, friend, and mother
Colored fountain, no ma'am
accepted Christ and he removed the dam
now I drink "that" water...I'll never thirst again
loving my beautiful cottony kinky hair and my velvety sun-kissed skin
Separate but equal
You really believed that LYE
One man had a dream
his life he sacrificed
his dream
my reality
to live life to the fullest


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