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Artscape: The African Photography (Video)

The New African Photography - Emeka Okereke: Invisible Borders
"100 years ago, photography was a colonial tool…"
"A photography is a window and not the view" - Emeka Okereke
For decades, the camera was used as a tool through which colonial governments and Western photojournalists alike imposed their own views on Africa through the restrictions of 2D imagery, defining Africa without much, if any, input from those whose faces were plastered on postcards, posters, magazines and media platforms across the world.
Profiling a new crop of African photographers using their lens to transform and inspire both change and development, Al Jazeera opens us up to the world of Nigerian photographer Emeka Okereke, founder of Invisible Borders - a organization that gives ‘African artists a space to define Africa for themselves’. In this video, the group travels on their annual roadtrip within Africa, going from Lagos to Kinshasa, as a means of developing young African artists through the lens of photojournalism.
A must-watch journey.

Artscape - The New African Photography: Emeka Okereke

You can also watch the journey of Baudouin Mouanda in Kongo.

Artscape - The New African Photography: Baudouin Mouanda

''In Congolese Dreams , we follow Mouanda as he works on his latest project, The Dream. Through this project, he explores beauty in unlikely places -- by asking women to pose in the same white wedding dress in different locations - from rubbish dumps to crowded trains.''

Source: Al jazeera

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