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The Master's Revenge by Anthony Anaxagorou

The Master’s Revenge
Poem about history written and performed by Anthony Anaxagorou
Music by Goldmund.
There will be revenge
but it will be different from yours;
it won’t involve blood or murder
or deception
it won’t turn sophisticated people to rubble
then call them
underdeveloped, primitive and backwards
it won’t need military budgets,
fear, prejudice or gender oppression
it will be simple, uncomfortable
and absolute
it will present itself calmly
there will be no screams
there will be no protest
just this

you are the owner of all energy
needed to destroy or create worlds
within you lies the peace of Akhenaton
the vision of Imhotep
we can go further
the first messiah
you are the writer of knowledge
the keeper of truth
it’s looking at you through the stones
the history of the mountains
in the DNA of the earth
you’re there
this wicked narrative is new
it’s evil and unwell
1000 years ago you were teaching them
they were lost, barbaric, never knowing
the evolution of language
of culture the influence you had
you still have, you must have
because you’re far from dead
to the speakers, the knowers,
the ones who tell you to open pages
and find yourself there
reinvent the past
pay the oppressor little mind
little minds fear genius
because it knows your story
it knows about the old Kingdom
and the middle periods
from Moorish Spain to Muslim medicine
it knows about African mathematicians
and the stone calendar circles of Nabta Playa 
it knows that’s why it denies
that’s why it tells you to kill yourself
death has many faces
if something is made ill
why swallow it?
Don’t accept it, renounce it and go back
to before the chattel
the division and genocide
before the White Jesus
before the crusades
and the foreign religion that came with priests
and swords
discover the hidden world
because history is self-serving
self-for-filling look in the prisons,
look in the armies,
look in the places filled with the broken,
the destitute, the trampled on
the us but not them,
look and see
what happens when you
become apathetic
when revenge is just for radicals
when you believe the story
they tell you
when your only weapon is a gun
when your only hope is a fantasy
when your knowledge is obsolete
when your woman is a bitch
when your brother is a threat
and your oppressor is your master
your standard, your ideal
don’t ask for mercy
it wont be given
lock it off, leave it there,
its dead its done the damage
consecrated the sickness
it doesn’t work
so start again
with just this:-

When they ask you for a beginning teach them
about the Grimaldi
about Menes and the first dynasty
When they ask you about women
speak to them of Isis of Hatshepsut and Cleopatra  
When they ask you about European languages
refer them to Coptic and Western Semitic
tongues, explain how 50% of the Greek lexicon
is comprised of a non-Indo European language
give examples,
When they ridicule you for saying init
claiming the word as being
Jamaican Patois let them know that it’s
a contraction of isn’t it, which is a contraction
of is it not, which is English and not Patois is it not?
When they ask you about war and peace
inform them that the word war comes from the
Old English Wyrre meaning to bring into confusion.
Mention the Golden Age of Egypt,
communicate the fact that civilizations
which have experienced the greatest periods of peace
have been matriarchal - say that twice. 
Include the fact that 70% of Native Americans
did not ever wage war with each other, refer them to
Conquest: Sexual Violence and American Indian Genocide
by Andrea Smith
Keep close to mind the Haitian revolution,
Toussaint L’ouverture and Dessaline 
if they interject calling you Afrocentric or a conspiracy theorist
reply with these names:-
Volny, Gerald Massy, Martin Bernal, Bouavl and Brophy 
discuss human nature, how we remain
products of our environment, how we mirror what we see,
how certain genes are activated or deactivated
in our childhood
determining who we become later
explain what you mean by White Supremacy
as a political tool to divide and undermine those
that don’t fit the aesthetic
discuss Thomas Spence and the making of the English working class
look at denigrate families in the US and Anthony Stokes
speak of Palestine with courage
declare that before the 15th May 1948 Zionists had already
expelled 250,000 Palestinians
emphasize that people are not born bad
that before capitalism and feudalism communalism
was how we lived
not primitive but equal.
Do not negate your women. There is more to feminism
than her physical appearance, you may wish to talk about
Simon De Beauvoir, Bell Hooks and Angela Davis  
then poetry, the spoken word that predates the written word
oral tradition, art and storytelling. 
Speak until the sun has risen and set 1000 times
wear the crown that doesn’t need a stolen jewel
to shine,
assure them that you are made from love
that you speak from love because that is from where
you were born
play them a song, read them a haiku
teach them how to dance:
many will laugh at you
many will brand you insane
yet when has madness ever really mattered here
some will listen, some will stay
and you will grow into friends,
into solidarity into the forever
we dream about
so treasure your woman
treasure your man
because we’re all we have,
peace is the master’s revenge
so stand in the present, draw for the future
and shoot with all the ammunition of the past. 

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